Saturday, October 16, 2004

General blames Kerry for Haiti's rising violence

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Brazilian general blames Kerry

BRASILIA - Brazilian general Heleno Ribeiro Pereira, in charge of UN task-force in Haiti, criticized the support given by John Kerry to the former president of Haiti Jean Bertrand Aristide, it was informed friday by a brazilian news source.

Ribeiro considered that this support, occurred in a last march's speech when Aristide resigned in the middle of a deep political crisis, was one of the reasons of the rise of violence in the caribbean island.

On that occasion, Kerry said to NYT that president Bush had sent a "terrible message" on not sending troops to backing Aristide's presidency
Kerry said that he'll be "prepared to send troops immediatly".

Comment: For those who doesn't know, brazilian president Lula da Silva decided to help UN by sending brazilian troops to Haiti (in reality just to look more "multiculturalist" and "UN obedient" in despite of US).
It appeared that it has its fallbacks: it suggest the Bush position was the right position. And this general is very brave and has guts to call things by its name.
Kerry is on the toplist of the "darlings" of brazilian biased media and is not used to be a "good thing" to say bad things about him. Not even "Unfit for Command" will be plublished in Brazil (while there are dozens of Bush haters books on the brazilian's shelves).
And this fact reveal the true motivation of this "useful idiot". Clinton had moved mountains to keep Aristide (a marxist-leninist) with his presidency during the 90 and was clear that Aristide has a strong appeal to democrats.
But it's a pitty that this general is there and not here in Brazil where people like him are missed this days.

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