Thursday, October 21, 2004

Corruption remains the same in Brazil ?

While Washington Times says that Corruption remains the same in Brazil - (United Press International): "The administration of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been plagued by corruption scandals in recent months including a former aide accused of receiving illegal gambling funds connected to the bingo industry to fund certain candidates' campaigns from his ruling Workers' Party during the 2002 election."

Our perception is even worse - far worse - compared to with former presidente Fernando Henrique Cardoso.
Why? Because Worker's Party has a deep sense of controlling the society. When it took control fo the country's administration it gave all the public or confident jobs in the hands of the party.

Given that the party's rows had no strong abilities for managing even a dairy, imagine what happened to the public administration ib the hands of a bunch of socialist militansts. It was chaos..

In the most important hospital for cancer disease care in Rio, a senior medical managing team was changed by partisans. People died because of lack of essencial medicines. According to health (?) minister Humberto Costa, it has to be done because you cannot give a prominent public job to a "enemy".

"According to Dr. Tabak,a renowned oncologist who had been director of the BMT service (CEMO) at INCA for the past 16 years, due to the inexperience of the hospital director, the hospital was thrown into total chaos, has run out of many medicines, and is not able to treat patients properly."

Let's point it clear: Brazil is a country where the public jobs are being fullfilled by partisans and they are chosen to it because of their political influence, not by their skills. If this is occurring in the health field, with many deaths envolving, try to realize what is going on in the other areas of public administration.

Weekly magazine Veja has estimated that more than 20.000 public jobs are been fullfilled by militants.

That's the way the Worker's Party is taking control over the brazilian society - using corruption and lies.

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