Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Aleksander Boyd left the blogosphere: We'll miss him!

A true freedom-fighter called Aleksander Boyd - the blood and soul of  website - has withdrawn arms.
The exit-note on his website said : 
"Dear readers, this site is going into static mode until further notice. I have only words of gratitude for the thousands of visitors who, over the years, have developed a keen interest in our version of Venezuelan contemporary politics. As increasingly evident it is rather futile to oppose one's own country's idiosyncrasy. The very emergence of irresponsible leaders is but the natural consequence of remiss peoples. The dictum 'a country gets the government it deserves' was never truer than in the case of Venezuela."
We have to think about it very seriously. This is not the first, but another fact in a series. Here in Brazil we have recently lost an important conservative site/magazine "Primeira Leitura".

The conservative blogosphere explosion in LA was a very good thing to celebrate. But I have to agree with Boyd: to have such -good- fighters on the front demands to have a good back-up team to keep the territory.
The Venezuela case is not different from Brazil's case.
While we fight in the open, government fight back in the shadows and the opposition is so weak, so self-absorbed and so power-seeker that they would let people down if government showed them a good (budgeted) ministery to take.

Yes, in the end we will be left alone in the dark.

I understand perfectly Boyd's position. Boyd is one of my heros. Hope he could be back on the front soon. Not just Venezuela, but Latin America too need it. 

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