Thursday, June 29, 2006

"Midia sem Mascara" censored on Google News Brazil!!

Is not only in China that Google followed the rules on filtering the search to avoid unwanted results. Here in Brazil, Google does the same.
They excluded "Midia Sem Mascara" (Media Without Mask) as a primary source news.

After a while being part of the sites considered as primary source to feed  google news Brazil, mysteriouslya Mídia Sem Máscara was excluded from the results shown.

"Midia.." is the only Brazilian site dedicated to unmask the lies from the Main Stream Media and the first conservative site in Brazil.

It is clearly a political measure of censorship from Google and it is unacceptable!!
While "Midia.." is ousted from Google, digital garbage like "Vermelho" (from the Communist Party) and "CMI" (Independent Media Center - leftist to the bone) are still shown as sources of (dis) information.

This is exactly what is going on: Brazil is looking - day bay day - as a country like China. Or Venezuela.

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Anonymous said...

I love it (sarcasm, of course :-)). The CEO of Google testified before I believe it was the Senate (if I remember correctly) about their censoring of results in China and how that violated their own ethical policy. The response Google's CEO gave was a complete joke. Something has to be done, question is, what?