Thursday, June 29, 2006

Philosopher Olavo de Carvalho needs your help!!

Who entered at the home page of Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho - my philosophy teacher and friend - has come across a surprise: an ask for donation!

It is helpful to show that that the "poweful" Brazilian right is not fueled by the IMF, nor by the CIA nor even by GWB, as Olavo's detractors had claimed all over the years.

While mob-men from Landless Movement, Unions and Workers Party received thousand of brazilian reals or even dollars from official money (even from our taxes) from NGO's inside and outside Brazil to pose as "social movements" - a term that define mobster-headed groups of brainless people acting as "independents" - to promote what they programmed to do: To destroy the sociel tissue to the limit, to finish any kind of moral values and to create a chaotic environment perfect to the snake's egg of totalitarism.

Well, right beside these "revolutionaries", Olavo's fearless and self-motivated behavior shine even brighter.

I had learned important lessons from Olavo. One of these was about the so called "Socratic Project": the philosophical awakening of mankind through the breaking the myth-poethical universe in which men had created their society. Until a man called Socrates dared tp think all by himself. In his path Plato, Aristotle and even Jesus Cristo has came.

Olavo represents the Brazilian "Socratic Project" like few: the likeliness of breaking the bars of the jail that inprisons the (true?) national soul.

Let's help him?

According to his website:

To make donation in dollars, by credit card, simply click on the button below and follow the instructions (in the form, write "donation" in the field "payment for") :


Other contact, send an e-mail to

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