Monday, June 26, 2006

Chavez take his "regional integration" to Curaçao

"Regional Integration" as Publius Pundit noted is an euphemism for just plain "Cubanization". Always for the good of Latin America - and to remove the region from the "fangs of USA".
At least Curaçao is aware of this threat.
Read the source from Publius Pundit
"The Dutch are deeply concerned about Venezuela’s renewed threats to take over the nearby island of Curacao as its dictator, Hugo Chavez, flexes his military muscles with an unprecedented arms buildup and condemns the Dutch for their colonialism on the island. Seeking to add more territory of his own, his stated aim is “regional integration,” which is an emerging term that bears more watching. One Chavista foreign ministry official explained it this week as the growing federation between Cuba and Venezuela, which he euphemized as “alternative models.” But his description of that “alternative” was very specific: the Cubanization of the country". (continue..)

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