Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another PT´s "work of art": Bio-Terrorism

Last week a crowd of vandals a.k.a MLST- Landless Liberarion Movement, assaulted National Congress in a clear demonstration of their hate of democracy.
Group was headed by an high ranked PT´s affiliated - President Lula had met several times as 'social movement' representative.
Lula´s government even gave more than 5 millions of reals to the group, creating a new form of state-sponsored terrorism.

Now, magazine Veja has reported another and frightening form of terrorism supported by PT´s (Workers Party) affiliated: Bio-terrorism. Read this.

Bio-Terrorism of Worker's Party
On may, 22th , 1989, during a routine inspection, a group of technicians discovered the first focus of a devastating infection known as "vassoura-de-bruxa" (witch-sweep)in a cocoa farm in the south of Bahia (northeast of Brazil). This plague is mortal to the cocoa tree. The technicians, however, calmed down with the supposition that it was just an isolated focus. It was a mistake. In less than three years, in a frightening pace and weirdly linear way, the witch-sweep destroyed cocoa harvests in the region - and raised suspicious of a foreign country sabottage. Technicians found infected branches tied to cocoa trees. Now, seventeen years later, come the first eye witness to explain that has been, in fact, a sabottage, but it was a brazilian work. (read full here)

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