Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Terror offspring in Brazil: MST degenered into a Revolutionary group

Oh, when I said - in othe article - that Brazil was over, it meant that it was only the beginning of the end..

Protesters invaded the Congress and hurted 20 people.

'A group of 1.3 thousand agitators invaded today (06-06-06 --the day of the beast!) the Deputies Chamber building in Brasilia hurting more than twenty people. The integrants of a group called MLST (Landless Workers Liberation Movement) destroyed totally the entrance glass door and continued to destroy and looth inside the building towards the "Salão Verde" (Green Chamber).
An employee of the House suffered a skull traumatism and was taken to an hospital. Other man, not yet identified, broke his leg in the entrance of building attachment 4. Some protesters hurt themselves during the riot and were attended in the local infirmary.
According to Valmir Macedo, one of the leaders of the MLST movement, the protest was carried out  as  a repudy against the "slave work" still existent in Brazil and the Congress that not yet voted for the Federal Budget, besides being favor of the agrarian reform. He afirms that there are manifesters that came from São Paulo (PCC territory), Rio Grande do Norte, Bahia, Alagoas e Tocantins. Macedo said that the manisfesto and the MLST movement has not liasons with MST (landless workers movement).

A car (Fiat) that was parked in front of the building, was turned upside down by the protesters. The group went to the Green Chamber where concentraded before invasion. In the path to the Green Chamber, lights, panels and walls were discontructed.

According to Valmir Macedo, the moviment intended to peacefully get in House, but they were stopped. "And we had no other alternative but this", he said.'

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