Monday, June 19, 2006

The Last Reading

A neo-conservative brazilian site/magazine sunk into the red tide: Primeira Leitura (First Reading). In its website it is informed:
"Primeira Leitura (First Reading) , website and magazine, terminate today its trajetory. But, how it was said in old times that political disputes were hidden by the seethrough veil of fantasy 'the struggle goes on' ..."
That is it, boys: "Primeira..." is finished!!

While there a lot of "alternative" (better to say "red") magazines and websites that never went out of fuel (when are we going to have some kind of site like Activist Cash to undress these "alternative" media??) it's painful to see a conservative site, that really 'swum against the red tide' to gave up.

Somehow , the drowning of "Primeira Leitura" in a electoral year like this, where all oposition needs to show to the public (drug-addicted ?) what is Lula da Silva government about, could be taken as a warning.

A warning that there will be no better times for democracy in Brazil. When we look around we can count a very few independent media channels: a magazine, called "Veja" and another website "Midia Sem Mascara" (where I write quite often)
Long live to them..

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